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Project Description
WP7TextStylePicker was created to fill the gaping hole in the SDK: surprisingly, there is no control that would allow setting text properties (Color, Font Family, Font Size, Bold, Italic) - even though this sounds like a very basic task that many applications would need.

TextStylePicker can be incorporated into your Windows Phone app in 2 ways:

  • As a referenced library (if you're satisfied with the existing functionality and style);
  • As source code (if you'd like to further customize it).

Either way, it has a few prerequisites (see a more detailed explanation in the Documentation section):

TextStylePicker supports both Dark and Light color schemes:

For the properties and events it exposes, please refer to the Documentation page.

Source code with a sample application is available for download at the Downloads section.

We'd appreciate if you took a look at the KHK Software Windows Phone apps too!

Have you got any questions, feature requests, or bug reports - please do not hesitate to contact KHK Software.

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CREDITS: the Font Family selection part of functionality is largely based on Saraf Talukder's Cutsom Font Picker example.

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